DCLI 2.12.0 Release Notes

Released 21 May 2019

Build 13712941 is the 2.12.0 release of the Data Center CLI (DCLI).

Check frequently for additions and updates to these release notes.

DCLI 2.12.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the DCLI 2.12.0 release notes. Version numbers referenced in this document are placeholders and do not represent any commitment by VMware to have any features included in specific software versions.

This document contains the following information:

About DCLI

DCLI allows you to work with a simplified command-line interface that you can use to run common system administration commands against VMware Cloud on AWS, NSX-T, and vCenter Server systems.

Note: DCLI supports running NSX-T commands only against NSX-T in VMware Cloud on AWS environments.

What's New

DCLI 2.12.0 introduces the following changes and improvements.

  • DCLI is now colorized and provides features for colored input, output, and drop-down menu for easier orientation. There are four color themes and the default one is black and white. You can switch the feature off or on.
  • DCLI now reuses the session ID of vCenter Server connections and the authentication tokens of VMware Cloud on AWS or NSX-T connections. New session IDs or authentication tokens are not created for each command, but are stored either in the memory if you are running in interactive mode, or the credential store if you are running in non-interactive mode, and are reused for subsequent commands.
  • DCLI now works with Python Prompt Toolkit 2.0 and later.
  • DCLI now supports @DynamicContract annotations. If such annotations are defined in the VMODL2 APIs and you are running in interactive mode, DCLI asks for the discriminator value first. Based on the provided value, additional options are added to or removed from the drop-down menu in interactive mode.

Known Issues

  • Interactive mode autocompletion does not work with multiple spaces

    If you type more than one space between words in interactive mode, DCLI stops providing suggestions.