Data Object - ServiceManagerServiceInfo(vim.ServiceManager.ServiceInfo)

Property of
ServiceManager, SimpleCommand
Returned by
vSphere API 5.1

Data Object Description

This data object represents essential information about a particular service. The information is sufficient to be able to identify the service and retrieve the object implementing it.


Name Type Description

A description of the service. Provides help text on how to use the service.

A list of data that can be used to uniquely identify a particular instance of a service. Multiple instances of a service can exist across different domains (for instance, a service that is associated with a particular virtual machine or a particular host). In such cases, the service name is insufficient to identify the service and location data can be used to identify the instance of interest. A service may publish as much location data as is needed to identify it (e.g,<hostname> or vmware.vm.<uuid> or both). The particular choice of locations have to be agreed upon by the client and the service.

The managed object that presents this service.

A service name. Each service is expected to create a unique name for itself that can be used to locate the service. This name does not need to be unique across hosts or other such locations though.
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