Data Object - HostListSummary(

Property of
HostConnectInfo, HostSystem
See also
CustomFieldValue, HostConfigSummary, HostHardwareSummary, HostListSummaryGatewaySummary, HostListSummaryQuickStats, HostRuntimeInfo, HostSystem, HostTpmAttestationInfo, HostTrustAuthorityAttestationInfo, ManagedEntityStatus

Data Object Description

This data object type encapsulates a typical set of host information that is useful for list views and summary pages.

VirtualCenter can retrieve this information very efficiently, even for a large set of hosts.


Name Type Description

Basic configuration information, if known.

The Enhanced VMotion Compatibility Graphics mode that is currently in effect for this host. If the host is in a cluster where EVC is active, this will match the cluster's EVC Graphics mode; otherwise this will be unset.
See supportedEVCGraphicsMode

Since vSphere API

The Enhanced VMotion Compatibility mode that is currently in effect for this host. If the host is in a cluster where EVC is active, this will match the cluster's EVC mode; otherwise this will be unset.
See supportedEVCMode

Since vSphere API 4.0

The customized field values.

Gateway configuration, if vCenter server manages the host via a gateway

Since vSphere API 6.0

Basic hardware information, if known.
to a HostSystem

The reference to the host-managed object.

IP address of the VirtualCenter server managing this host, if any.

Since VI API 2.5

The most capable Enhanced VMotion Compatibility mode supported by the host hardware and software; unset if this host cannot participate in any EVC mode.
See supportedEVCMode

Since vSphere API 4.0

The overall alarm status of the host. In releases after vSphere API 5.0, vSphere Servers might not generate property collector update notifications for this property. To obtain the latest value of the property, you can use PropertyCollector methods RetrievePropertiesEx or WaitForUpdatesEx. If you use the PropertyCollector.WaitForUpdatesEx method, specify an empty string for the version parameter. Since this property is on a DataObject, an update returned by WaitForUpdatesEx may contain values for this property when some other property on the DataObject changes. If this update is a result of a call to WaitForUpdatesEx with a non-empty version parameter, the value for this property may not be current.

Basic host statistics.

Indicates whether or not the host requires a reboot due to a configuration change.

Basic runtime information, if known.

Since vSphere API 6.7

The attestation information for the host as retrieved from any Trust Authority attestation services configured in the host's parent compute resource. This field will be set only if there is any Trust Authority attestation service configured for the host's parent compute resource, and unset otherwise.

Since vSphere API
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