Data Object - VAppEntityConfigInfo(vim.vApp.EntityConfigInfo)

Property of
ImportSpec, VAppConfigInfo, VAppConfigSpec
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vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

This object type describes the behavior of an entity (virtual machine or sub-vApp container) in a vApp container.

The auto-start/auto-stop configurations control the behavior of the start/stop vApp operations.

An virtual machine entity can be configured to wait for a period of time before starting or to wait to receive a successful heartbeat from a virtual machine before starting the next virtual machine in the sequence.

If startAction and stopAction for an entity are both set to none, that entity does not participate in the sequence.

The start/stop delay and waitingForGuest is not used if the entity is a vApp container. For a vApp the only value values for startAction is none or powerOn, and the valid values for stopAction is none or powerOff.


Name Type Description

Deprecated. As of vSphere API 5.1.

Whether the entity should be removed, when this vApp is removed. This is only set for linked children.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig

Since vSphere API 4.1
to a ManagedEntity

Entity to power on or power off. This can be a virtual machine or a vApp.

How to start the entity. Valid settings are none or powerOn. If set to none, then the entity does not participate in auto-start.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


Delay in seconds before continuing with the next entity in the order of entities to be started.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


Specifies the start order for this entity. Entities are started from lower numbers to higher-numbers and reverse on shutdown. Multiple entities with the same start-order can be started in parallel and the order is unspecified. This value must be 0 or higher.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


Defines the stop action for the entity. Can be set to none, powerOff, guestShutdown, or suspend. If set to none, then the entity does not participate in auto-stop.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


Delay in seconds before continuing with the next entity in the order sequence. This is only used if the stopAction is guestShutdown.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


Tag for entity.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


Determines if the virtual machine should start after receiving a heartbeat, from the guest. When a virtual machine is next in the start order, the system either waits a specified period of time for a virtual machine to power on or it waits until it receives a successful heartbeat from a powered on virtual machine. By default, this is set to false.

This property has no effect for vApps.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig

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