Data Object - VirtualDiskLocalPMemBackingInfo(vim.vm.device.VirtualDisk.LocalPMemBackingInfo)

vSphere API 6.7

Data Object Description

This data object type contains information about backing a virtual disk using non-volatile memory technologies (persistent memory). Supported for ESX Server 6.5 and later.


Name Type Description

Content ID of the virtual disk file, if available.

A content ID indicates the logical contents of the disk backing and its parents.

This property is only guaranteed to be up to date if this disk backing is not currently being written to by any virtual machine.

The only supported operation is comparing if two content IDs are equal or not. The guarantee provided by the content ID is that if two disk backings have the same content ID and are not currently being written to, then reads issued from the guest operating system to those disk backings will return the same data.


The disk persistence mode.
See VirtualDiskMode


Disk UUID for the virtual disk, if available.

Persistent memory volume UUID - UUID which associates this virtual disk with a specific host. This is read only property.
See volumeUUID

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