Data Object - DesktopPatternNamingSettings

Property of
DesktopVirtualMachineNamingSettings, DesktopVirtualMachineNamingSpec
Horizon View 6.0

Data Object Description

Settings related to specification of VMs with a naming pattern.

Data Object Properties


Name Type Description

Virtual machines will be named according to the specified naming pattern. By default, view manager appends a unique number to the specified pattern to provide a unique name for each virtual machine. To place this unique number elsewhere in the pattern, use '{n}'. (For example: vm-{n}-sales.) The unique number can also be made a fixed length. (For example: vm-{n:fixed=3}-sales will name VMs from vm-001-sales to vm-999-sales).
Machine names are constrained to a maximum size of 15 characters including the unique number. Therefore, care must be taken when choosing a pattern. If the maximum desktop size is 9 machines, the pattern must be at most 14 characters. For 99 machines, 13 characters, for 999 machines, 12 characters. For 9999 machines, 11 characters. If using a fixed size token, use a maximum of 14 characters for "n=1", 13 characters for "n=2", 12 characters for "n=3", and 11 characters for "n=4".
If {n} is specified with no size, a size of 2 is automatically used and if no {} is specified, {n=2} is automatically appended to the end of the pattern.
  • This property must contain only alphanumerics and dashes. It must contain at least one alpha character. It may also optionally contain a numeric placement token {n} or {n:fixed=#}. If the pattern does not specify the numeric placement token, the maximum length is 14 characters.

Maximum number of machines in the desktop.
  • This property has a default value of 1.
  • This property has a minimum value of 1.

Number of spare powered on machines.
  • This property has a default value of 1.
  • This property has a minimum value of 1.

Determines when machines are provisioned.
  • This property has a default value of "UP_FRONT".
  • This property will be one of:
    Value Description
    "ON_DEMAND"Provision machines on demand.
    "UP_FRONT"Provision all machines up-front.

The minimum number of machines to have provisioned if on demand provisioning is selected.
  • This property has a default value of 0.
  • This property need not be set.
  • This property has a minimum value of 0.
  • This property is required if provisioningTime is set to "ON_DEMAND".