vSphere Web Services SDK 6.7 U1 Release Notes

Release date: 16 OCT 2018 | ESXi GA build, SDK build 9909037
For vSphere 6.7 Update 1. Last document update: 9 OCT 2018
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The vSphere Web Services SDK supports the development of vSphere applications that use the vSphere API to manage virtual machines and virtual infrastructure components, such as datacenters, datastores, and networks.

This SDK release for vSphere 6.7 Update 1 includes new APIs to manage Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) clusters.

Distribution Kit

The vSphere Web Services SDK is distributed as part of the vSphere Management SDK, a related collection of vSphere SDKs. When you extract the contents of the distribution kit, the vSphere WSSDK is contained in the SDK sub-directory:


New in This Release

  • New vSphere APIs.

    For information about additions to the vSphere API (new managed object types, data object types, enumerations, and fault types) see the “What's New” section of the VMware vSphere API Reference.

  • Programming support for HCI clusters.

    To support hyper converged infrastructure (HDI) the vSphere API in 6.7 U1 includes five new methods in managed object ClusterComputeResource, two new methods in managed object Folder, and a method to get connection info without adding hostst to the inventory.

  • Persistent memory enhancement.

    The vSphere API in 6.7 U1 extends managed object HostNvdimmSystem with a new method to create a persistent namespace in non-volatile memory when the system is in maintenance mode.

  • Product Locker for VMware Tools.

    Two new APIs modify and query the product locker location for an ESXi hosts' VMware Tools repository.


Several properties and types defined for the API were deprecated in vSphere API 6.5 and 6.7, but only one data object is deprected for 6.7 U1, DVSNetworkResourcePool. You can see all the objects and types with indicators showing when they were added and/or deprecated by clicking “API Versions Reference” in the VMware vSphere API Reference manual.

Known Issues

The following known issues was discovered after vSphere Web Services SDK 6.7 release. For known issues previously discovered, see the vSphere Web Services SDK 6.7 Release Notes.

  • Java GetVMFiles sample mishandles VM names containing special characters.

    Under the JAXWS samples, the GetVMFiles.java program does not properly handle special characters in VM name passed as parameter.

Documentation Issues

  • VirtualMachine.CloneVM_Task method failure.

    The VMware vSphere API Reference does not document a limitation with regard to VirtualMachineCloneSpec:

    When VirtualMachine.CloneVM_Task fails, it produces the following error: &ldquot;The specified delta disk format 'nativeFormat' is not supported.&rdquot; The vCenter Server returns the error when you:
    (1) Create a VAAI NAS native linked clone VM that uses nativeFormat for the delta disk format VirtualMachineCloneSpec.location.disk.diskBackingInfo.deltaDiskFormat, or
    (2) Create a second-level clone from the first clone, and the disk for the second-level clone is on a different datastore. If you do not specify seSparseFormat or redoLogFormat for the second-level clone delta disk format, the clone operation fails.

    If you are using a VM clone with a native delta disk format, you must specify either seSparseFormat or redoLogFormat for any clones that you create from the original native clone when the second-level clone is on a different datastore.

  • The fault parameter is required for the SetTaskState method.

    The VMware vSphere API Reference does not document this limitation with regard to the SetTaskState method:

    If you specify an error state when you call the SetTaskState method, you must also specify the fault parameter in the calling sequence.

  • The seSparse virtual disk type is intended for internal use only.

    The documentation does not specify internal use only for VirtualDiskType.seSparse.

Resolved Issues

  • None in this update release.