SegmentAdvancedConfig (schema)

Advanced configuration for Segment

Name Description Type Notes
address_pool_paths Policy path to IP address pools

Policy path to IP address pools.
array of string Maximum items: 1
connectivity Connectivity configuration

Connectivity configuration to manually connect (ON) or disconnect (OFF)
a logical entity from network topology. Only valid for Tier1 Segment.
string Enum: ON, OFF
Default: "ON"
hybrid Flag to identify a hybrid logical switch

When set to true, all the ports created on this segment will behave
in a hybrid fashion. The hybrid port indicates to NSX that the
VM intends to operate in underlay mode, but retains the ability to
forward egress traffic to the NSX overlay network.
This property is only applicable for segment created with transport
This property cannot be modified after segment is created.
boolean Default: "False"
local_egress Flag to enable local egress

This property is used to enable proximity routing with local egress.
When set to true, logical router interface (downlink) connecting
Segment to Tier0/Tier1 gateway is configured with prefix-length 32.
boolean Default: "False"
local_egress_routing_policies Local egress routing policies

An ordered list of routing policies to forward traffic to the next hop.
array of LocalEgressRoutingEntry Minimum items: 1
multicast Enable multicast on the downlink

Enable multicast for a segment. Only applicable for segments connected to Tier0 gateway.
uplink_teaming_policy_name Uplink Teaming Policy Name

The name of the switching uplink teaming policy for the Segment. This name corresponds to one of the switching uplink teaming policy names listed in TransportZone associated with the Segment. See transport_zone_path property above for more details. When this property is not specified, the segment will not have a teaming policy associated with it and the host switch's default teaming policy will be used by MP.