TransportZone (schema)

Name Description Type Notes
_create_time Timestamp of resource creation EpochMsTimestamp Readonly
_create_user ID of the user who created this resource string Readonly
_last_modified_time Timestamp of last modification EpochMsTimestamp Readonly
_last_modified_user ID of the user who last modified this resource string Readonly
_links References related to this resource

The server will populate this field when returing the resource. Ignored on PUT and POST.
array of ResourceLink Readonly
_protection Indicates protection status of this resource

Protection status is one of the following:
PROTECTED - the client who retrieved the entity is not allowed
to modify it.
NOT_PROTECTED - the client who retrieved the entity is allowed
to modify it
REQUIRE_OVERRIDE - the client who retrieved the entity is a super
user and can modify it, but only when providing
the request header X-Allow-Overwrite=true.
UNKNOWN - the _protection field could not be determined for this
string Readonly
_revision Generation of this resource config

The _revision property describes the current revision of the resource. To prevent clients from overwriting each other's changes, PUT operations must include the current _revision of the resource, which clients should obtain by issuing a GET operation. If the _revision provided in a PUT request is missing or stale, the operation will be rejected.
_schema Schema for this resource string Readonly
_self Link to this resource SelfResourceLink Readonly
_system_owned Indicates system owned resource boolean Readonly
description Description of this resource string Maximum length: 1024
display_name Identifier to use when displaying entity in logs or GUI

Defaults to ID if not set
string Maximum length: 255
host_switch_id The host switch id generated by the system. string Deprecated
host_switch_mode Operational mode of Transport Zone.

STANDARD mode applies to all the hypervisors. ENS mode stands for Enhanced Networking Stack. This feature is only available for ESX hypervisor. It is not available on KVM, EDGE and Public Cloud Gateway etc. When a Transport Zone mode is set to ENS, only Transport Nodes of type ESX can participate in such a Transport Zone.
string Deprecated
Default: "STANDARD"
host_switch_name Name of the host switch on all transport nodes in this transport zone that will be used to run NSX network traffic.

If this name is unset or empty then the default host switch name will be used.
string Deprecated
Default: "nsxDefaultHostSwitch"
id Unique identifier of this resource string Sortable
is_default Flag to indicate if the transport zone is the default one.

Only one transport zone can be the default one for a given transport zone type. APIs that need transport zone can choose to use the default transport zone if a transport zone is not given.
boolean Default: "False"
nested_nsx Flag to indicate if transport nodes in this transport zone are connected through nested NSX.

The flag only need to be set in nested NSX environment.
boolean Default: "False"
resource_type Must be set to the value TransportZone string
tags Opaque identifiers meaningful to the API user array of Tag Maximum items: 30
transport_type The transport type of this transport zone. TransportType Required
transport_zone_profile_ids Identifiers of the transport zone profiles associated with this TransportZone. array of TransportZoneProfileTypeIdEntry
uplink_teaming_policy_names Names of the switching uplink teaming policies that are supported by this transport zone.

The names of switching uplink teaming policies that all transport nodes in this transport zone must support. An exception will be thrown if a transport node within the transport zone does not support a named teaming policy. The user will need to first ensure all trasnport nodes support the desired named teaming policy before assigning it to the transport zone. If the field is not specified, the host switch's default teaming policy will be used.
array of string