Data Object - HostNvmeNamespace(

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vSphere API 7.0

Data Object Description

This data object represents an NVM Express Namespace.

In the NVME model, the underlying non-volatile storage medium is exposed via namespaces. For further information, see:


Name Type Description

Block size of the namespace in bytes.

Namespaces are comprised of a number of logical blocks with a fixed size - the smallest units of data that may be read or written by the NVME controller.


The maximum number of logical blocks that may be allocated in the namespace at any point in time.

Corresponds to the NCAP field in the Identify Namespace data structure:

  • "NVM Express 1.3", Section 5.15, Figure 114, "Identify Namespace Data Structure"


The namespace ID is an identifier used by an NVME controller to provide access to a namespace.

The namespace ID is only unique among the namespaces attached to the same controller. For details, see:

  • "NVM Express 1.3", section 6.1, "Namespaces".


The linkable identifier.

This is a unique identifier of the NVME namespace within the host system.


The name of the namespace.

The name identifies the underlying storage exposed by the NvmeNamespace. In multipath scenarios, two namespaces can have the same name if they expose the same underlying storage through different NVME controllers.

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