CookiePersistenceModeType (type)

  "additionalProperties": false, 
  "description": "If the persistence cookie is found in the incoming request, value of the cookie is used to identify the server that this request should be sent to. If the cookie is not found, then the server selection algorithm is used to select a new server to handle that request. Three different modes of cookie persistence are supported: insert, prefix and rewrite. In cookie insert mode, a cookie is inserted by load balancer in the HTTP response going from server to client. In cookie prefix and rewrite modes, server controls the cookie and load balancer only manipulates the value of the cookie. In prefix mode, server's cookie value is prepended with the server IP and port and then sent to the client. In rewrite mode, entire server's cookie value is replaced with the server IP and port in the response before sending it to the client.", 
  "enum": [
  "id": "CookiePersistenceModeType", 
  "module_id": "LoadBalancer", 
  "title": "cookie persistence mode", 
  "type": "string"