IkeEncryptionAlgorithm (type)

  "additionalProperties": false, 
  "description": "IKEEncryption algorithms are used to ensure confidentiality of the messages exchanged during IKE negotiations. AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standards. AES_128 uses 128-bit keys whereas AES_256 uses 256-bit keys for encryption and decryption. AES_GCM stands for Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) in Galois/Counter Mode(GCM) and is used to provide both confidentiality and data origin authentication. AES_GCM composed of two separate functions one for encryption(AES) and one for authentication(GMAC). AES_GCM algorithms will be available with IKE_V2 version only. AES_GCM_128 uses 128-bit keys. AES_GCM_192 uses 192-bit keys. AES_GCM_256 uses 256-bit keys.", 
  "enum": [
  "id": "IkeEncryptionAlgorithm", 
  "module_id": "PolicyIPSecVpn", 
  "title": "Encryption algorithms used in IKE", 
  "type": "string"