PolicyRuntimeOnEpRequestParameters (type)

  "description": "Request parameters that represents an enforcement point path. A request on runtime information can be parameterized with this path and will be evaluated as follows: - no enforcement point path specified: the request is evaluated on all enforcement points. - an enforcement point path is specified: the request is evaluated only on the given enforcement point.", 
  "id": "PolicyRuntimeOnEpRequestParameters", 
  "module_id": "PolicyBaseStatistics", 
  "properties": {
    "enforcement_point_path": {
      "description": "enforcement point path, forward slashes must be escaped using %2F.", 
      "required": false, 
      "title": "String Path of the enforcement point", 
      "type": "string"
  "title": "Request Parameters for Policy Runtime on enforcement point", 
  "type": "object"