Tier0AdvancedConfig (type)

  "additionalProperties": false, 
  "description": "NSX specific configuration for tier-0", 
  "extends": {
    "$ref": "ConnectivityAdvancedConfig
  "id": "Tier0AdvancedConfig", 
  "module_id": "PolicyConnectivity", 
  "properties": {
    "connectivity": {
      "default": "ON", 
      "description": "Connectivity configuration to manually connect (ON) or disconnect (OFF) a Tier1 segment from corresponding Tier1 gateway. Only valid for Tier1 Segments. This property is ignored for L2 VPN extended segments when subnets property is not specified.", 
      "enum": [
      "required": false, 
      "title": "Connectivity configuration", 
      "type": "string"
    "forwarding_up_timer": {
      "default": 0, 
      "description": "Extra time in seconds the router must wait before sending the UP notification after the peer routing session is established. Default means forward immediately. VRF logical router will set it same as parent logical router.", 
      "maximum": 300, 
      "minimum": 0, 
      "required": false, 
      "title": "Forwarding up timer", 
      "type": "integer"
  "title": "Advanced configuration for tier-0", 
  "type": "object"