Tier1RouteAdvertisentTypes (type)

  "additionalProperties": false, 
  "description": "Control routes advertised by Tier-1 instance.   TIER1_STATIC_ROUTES: Advertise all STATIC routes.   TIER1_CONNECTED: Advertise all subnets configured on connected   Interfaces and Segments.   TIER1_NAT: Advertise all NAT IP addresses.   TIER1_LB_VIP: Advertise all Load-balancer VIPs.   TIER1_LB_SNAT: Advertise all Loadbalancer SNAT IP addresses.   TIER1_DNS_FORWARDER_IP: Advertise DNS forwarder source and listener IPs   TIER1_IPSEC_LOCAL_ENDPOINT: Redistribute IPSec VPN local-endpoint subnets.", 
  "enum": [
  "id": "Tier1RouteAdvertisentTypes", 
  "module_id": "PolicyConnectivity", 
  "type": "string"