ALBHealthMonitorTcp (schema)


Advanced load balancer HealthMonitorTcp object
Name Description Type Notes
maintenance_response Maintenance response

Match or look for this keyword in the first 2KB of server's
response indicating server maintenance.
A successful match results in the server being marked down.
tcp_half_open Tcp half open

Configure TCP health monitor to use half-open TCP
connections to monitor the health of backend servers thereby
avoiding consumption of a full fledged server side
connection and the overhead and logs associated with it.
This method is light-weight as it makes use of listener in
server's kernel layer to measure the health and a child
socket or user thread is not created on the server side.
Default value when not specified in API or module is
interpreted by ALB Controller as false.
boolean Default: "False"
tcp_request Tcp request

Request data to send after completing the TCP handshake.
tcp_response Tcp response

Match for the desired keyword in the first 2Kb of the
server's TCP response.
If this field is left blank, no server response is