ALBHttpCookiePersistenceProfile (schema)


Advanced load balancer HttpCookiePersistenceProfile object
Name Description Type Notes
always_send_cookie Always send cookie

If no persistence cookie was received from the client,
always send it.
Default value when not specified in API or module is
interpreted by ALB Controller as false.
boolean Default: "False"
cookie_name Cookie name

HTTP cookie name for cookie persistence.
encryption_key Encryption key

Key name to use for cookie encryption.
key Key

Placeholder for description of property key of obj type
HttpCookiePersistenceProfile field type str type array.
array of ALBHttpCookiePersistenceKey
timeout Timeout

The maximum lifetime of any session cookie.
No value or 'zero' indicates no timeout.
Allowed values are 1-14400.
Special values are 0- 'No Timeout'.
Unit is MIN.
integer Minimum: 0
Maximum: 14400