ALBSAMLSPConfig (schema)


Advanced load balancer SAMLSPConfig object
Name Description Type Notes
cookie_name Cookie name

HTTP cookie name for authenticated session.
cookie_timeout Cookie timeout

Cookie timeout in minutes.
Allowed values are 1-1440.
Unit is MIN.
Default value when not specified in API or module is
interpreted by ALB Controller as 60.
integer Minimum: 1
Maximum: 1440
Default: "60"
entity_id Entity id

Globally unique SAML entityID for this node.
The SAML application entity ID on the IDP should match
string Required
key Key

Key to generate the cookie.
array of ALBHttpCookiePersistenceKey
signing_ssl_key_and_certificate_path Signing ssl key and certificate path

SP will use this SSL certificate to sign requests going to
the IdP and decrypt the assertions coming from IdP.
It is a reference to an object of type
single_signon_url Single signon url

SAML Single Signon URL to be programmed on the IDP.
string Required
sp_metadata Sp metadata

SAML SP metadata for this application.
use_idp_session_timeout Use idp session timeout

By enabling this field IdP can control how long the SP
session can exist through the SessionNotOnOrAfter field in
the AuthNStatement of SAML Response.