ArpTableRequestParameters (schema)

Routes request parameters

Name Description Type Notes
cursor Opaque cursor to be used for getting next page of records (supplied by current result page) string
edge_path Policy path of edge node

Policy path of edge node. Edge node must be member of enforcement point.
Edge path is required when interface specified is either service or
loopback interface.
enforcement_point_path Enforcement point path

String Path of the enforcement point.
When not specified, routes from all enforcement-points are returned.
This property is required for retrieving routes in CSV format.
included_fields Comma separated list of fields that should be included in query result string
page_size Maximum number of results to return in this page (server may return fewer) integer Minimum: 0
Maximum: 1000
Default: "1000"
sort_ascending boolean
sort_by Field by which records are sorted string