BridgeProfileConfig (schema)

Bridge Profile Configuration

configuration parameters for Bridge Profile
Name Description Type Notes
bridge_profile_path Policy path to L2 Bridge profile

Same bridge profile can be configured on different segments. Each bridge profile on a segment must unique.
string Required
uplink_teaming_policy_name Uplink Teaming Policy Name

The name of the switching uplink teaming policy for the bridge endpoint. This name corresponds to one fot he switching uplink teaming policy names listed in teh transport zone. When this property is not specified, the teaming policy is assigned by MP.
vlan_ids VLAN IDs

VLAN specification for bridge endpoint. Either VLAN ID or VLAN ranges can be specified. Not both.
array of string
vlan_transport_zone_path Policy path to VLAN Transport Zone

VLAN transport zone should belong to the enforcment-point as the transport zone specified in the segment.
string Required