IPSecVpnSessionStatisticsNsxT (schema)

IPSec VPN session statistics

IPSec VPN session statistics represents statistics on an NSX-T type of enforcement
point. It gives aggregated statistics of all policies for all the tunnels.
Name Description Type Notes
aggregate_traffic_counters Traffic summary

Aggregate traffic statistics across all ipsec tunnels.
IPSecVpnTrafficCounters Readonly
alarm Alarm Information Details

Alarm information details.
PolicyRuntimeAlarm Readonly
display_name Display Name

Display Name of vpn session.
string Readonly
enforcement_point_path Enforcement point Path

Policy Path referencing the enforcement point where the info is fetched.
string Readonly
ike_status Ike status summary

Status for IPSec VPN Ike session UP/DOWN and fail reason if Ike session is down.
IPSecVpnIkeSessionStatus Readonly
ike_traffic_statistics Ike traffic statistics

Traffic statistics for IPSec VPN Ike session.
IPSecVpnIkeTrafficStatistics Readonly
last_update_timestamp Last updated timestamp

Timestamp when the data was last updated.
EpochMsTimestamp Readonly
policy_statistics IPSec policy statistics

Gives aggregate traffic statistics across all ipsec tunnels and individual tunnel
array of IpSecVpnPolicyTrafficStatistics Readonly
resource_type Must be set to the value IPSecVpnSessionStatisticsNsxT string Required
Enum: IPSecVpnSessionStatisticsNsxT