IntersiteGatewayConfig (schema)

Intersite gateway configuration

Intersite gateway configuration.
Name Description Type Notes
fallback_sites Fallback sites

Fallback site to be used as new primary site on current primary site
failure. Disaster recovery must be initiated via API/UI. Fallback site
configuration is supported only for T0 gateway. T1 gateway will follow
T0 gateway's primary site during disaster recovery.
array of string
intersite_transit_subnet Transit subnet in CIDR format

IPv4 subnet for inter-site transit segment connecting service routers
across sites for stretched gateway. For IPv6 link local subnet is
auto configured.
string Default: ""
last_admin_active_epoch Epoch of last time admin changing active LocaleServices

Epoch(in seconds) is auto updated based on system current timestamp
when primary locale service is updated. It is used for resolving conflict
during site failover. If system clock not in sync then User can optionally
override this. New value must be higher than the current value.
integer Maximum: 4294967295
primary_site_path Primary egress site for gateway.

Primary egress site for gateway. T0/T1 gateway in Active/Standby mode
supports stateful services on primary site. In this mode primary site
must be set if gateway is stretched to more than one site. For T0 gateway
in Active/Active primary site is optional field. If set then secondary site
prefers routes learned from primary over locally learned routes. This field
is not applicable for T1 gateway with no services.