L2VPNSessionPeerConfigNsxT (schema)

Peer code to configure the other side of the tunnel

L2VPNSessionPeerCodes represents an array of peer code for each
tunnel. The peer code is necessary to configure the remote end
of the tunnel. Currently only stand-along/unmanaged edge is
supported on the remote end of the tunnel.
Name Description Type Notes
alarm Alarm Information Details

Alarm information details.
PolicyRuntimeAlarm Readonly
enforcement_point_path Enforcement point Path

Policy Path referencing the enforcement point where the info is fetched.
string Readonly
peer_codes List of peer codes

List of peer codes per transport tunnel.
array of L2VPNSessionTransportTunnelPeerCode Readonly
Minimum items: 1
Maximum items: 1
resource_type Must be set to the value L2VPNSessionPeerConfigNsxT string Required
Enum: L2VPNSessionPeerConfigNsxT