PolicyNatRuleStatisticsPerLogicalRouterListResult (schema)

Collection of NAT rule statistics per logical router

Gives the collection of NAT rule statistics per logical router on
specified enforcement point.
Name Description Type Notes
_links References related to this resource

The server will populate this field when returing the resource. Ignored on PUT and POST.
array of ResourceLink Readonly
_schema Schema for this resource string Readonly
_self Link to this resource SelfResourceLink Readonly
cursor Opaque cursor to be used for getting next page of records (supplied by current result page) string Readonly
result_count Count of results found (across all pages), set only on first page integer Readonly
results NAT rules statistics per logical router array of PolicyNatRuleStatisticsPerLogicalRouter Required
sort_ascending If true, results are sorted in ascending order boolean Readonly
sort_by Field by which records are sorted string Readonly