SegmentPortAttachmentState (schema)

VIF attachment state of a segment port

Name Description Type Notes
attachers VM or vmknic entities that are attached to the Segment Port array of PortAttacher Readonly
id VIF ID string Readonly
state State of the VIF attached to Segment Port

A segment port must be in one of following states.
FREE - If there are no active attachers. The port may or
may not have an attachment ID configured on it. This state is
applicable only to port of static type.
ATTACHED - Segment port has exactly one active attacher and no
further configuration is pending.
ATTACHED_PENDING_CONF - Segment port has exactly one attacher,
however it may not have been configured completely. Additional
configuration will be provided by other nsx components.
ATTACHED_IN_MOTION - Segment port has multiple active attachers.
This state represents a scenario where VM is moving from one
location (host or storage) to another (e.g. vmotion, vSphere HA)
DETACHED - A temporary state after all port attachers have
been detached. This state is applicable only to a port of
ephemeral type and the port will soon be deleted.
string Required