Enum - VirtualMachineTicketType(vim.VirtualMachine.TicketType)

vSphere API 4.1

Enum Description

The virtual machine ticket type.

Enum Constants

device Remote device ticket.
guestControl Guest operation ticket. Unavailable as of vSphere 6.6.3 release. Use GuestOperationsManager instead.
guestIntegrity Guest Integrity over WebSocket ticket. This ticket grants the client read-only access to guest integrity messages and alerts.

Since vSphere API 6.7
mks Remote mouse-keyboard-screen ticket.
webmks Mouse-keyboard-screen over WebSocket ticket. MKS protocol is VNC (a.k.a. RFB) protocol with VMware extensions; the protocol gracefully degrades to standard VNC if extensions are not available. wss://{Ticket.host}/ticket/{Ticket.ticket}

Since vSphere API 6.0

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