Enum - ClusterVmReadinessReadyCondition(vim.cluster.VmReadiness.ReadyCondition)

vSphere API 6.5

Enum Description

Condition for VM's readiness

Enum Constants

appHbStatusGreen An application running inside the VM is responding normally. To enable Application Monitoring, you must first obtain the appropriate SDK (or be using an application that supports VMware Application Monitoring) and use it to set up customized heartbeats for the applications you want to monitor. See vmMonitoring.
guestHbStatusGreen VM guest operating system is up and responding normally (VM tools heartbeat status is green).
none No ready condition specified. In case of vSphere HA, higher restart priority VMs are still placed before lower priority VMs.
poweredOn VM is powered on.
useClusterDefault VM will use the cluster default setting. This option is only meaningful for per-VM settings.

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