Data Object - ClusterClusterInitialPlacementAction(vim.cluster.ClusterInitialPlacementAction)

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HostSystem, ResourcePool, VirtualMachineConfigSpec

Data Object Description

Describes an action for the initial placement of a virtual machine in a cluster. This action is used by the cross cluster placement API when a virtual machine needs to be placed across a set of given clusters. See PlaceVmsXCluster. This action encapsulates details about the chosen cluster (via the resource pool inside that cluster), the chosen host and the chosen datastores for the disks of the virtual machine.


Name Type Description

The config spec of the virtual machine to be placed. The PlaceVmsXCluster method takes input of VirtualMachineConfigSpec from client and populates the backing for each virtual disk and the VM home path in it unless the input ConfigSpec already provides them. The existing settings in the input ConfigSpec are preserved and not overridden in the returned ConfigSpec in this action as well as the resulting ClusterRecommendation. This field is set based on whether the client needs PlaceVmsXCluster to recommend a backing datastore for the disks of the candidate VMs or not, which is specified via datastoreRecommRequired. If datastoreRecommRequired is set to true, then this configSpec is also set with the backing of each disk populated. If datastoreRecommRequired is either set to false or left unset, then this field is also left unset. When this field is left unset, then it means that the client did not ask to populate the backing datastore for the disks of the candidate VMs.
to a ResourcePool

The chosen resource pool for placing the virtual machine. This is non- optional because recommending the best cluster (by recommending the resource pool in the best cluster) is the primary use case for the ClusterClusterInitialPlacementAction.
to a HostSystem

The host where the virtual machine should be initially placed. This field is optional because the primary use case of PlaceVmsXCluster is to select the best cluster for placing VMs. This targetHost denotes the best host within the best cluster and it is only returned if the client asks for it, which is determined by hostRecommRequired. If hostRecommRequired is set to true, then the targetHost is returned with a valid value and if it is either set to false or left unset, then targetHost is also left unset. When this field is unset, then it means that the client did not ask for the target host within the recommended cluster. It does not mean that there is no recommended host for placing this VM in the recommended cluster.
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