Data Object - VAppCloneSpecResourceMap(vim.vApp.CloneSpec.ResourceMap)

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Datastore, ManagedEntity, ResourceConfigSpec, ResourcePool
vSphere API 4.1

Data Object Description

Maps source child entities to destination resource pools and resource settings. If a mapping is not specified, a child is copied as a direct child of the parent.


Name Type Description
location* PManagedObjectReference
to a Datastore

A client can optionally specify a datastore in the resource map to override the default datastore location set in location field. This enables cloning to different compute resources that do not have shared datastores.
parent* PManagedObjectReference
to a ResourcePool

Resource pool to use for the cloned entity of source. This must specify a resource pool that is not part of the vApp. If this is specified, a linked child (as opposed to a direct child) is created for the vApp.

An optional resource configuration for the cloned entity of the source. If not specified, the same resource configuration as the source is used.
to a ManagedEntity

Source entity
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