Data Object - DesktopUserAssignment

Property of
DesktopAutomatedDesktopData, DesktopAutomatedDesktopSpec, DesktopManualDesktopData, DesktopManualDesktopSpec
Horizon View 6.0

Data Object Description

A machine desktop may be configured so that users have dedicated assignments or floating assignments to the machines in the desktop.

Data Object Properties


Name Type Description

User assignment scheme.
  • This property cannot be updated.
  • This property will be one of:
    Value Description
    "DEDICATED"With dedicated assignment, a user returns to the same machine at each session.
    "FLOATING"With floating assignment, a user may return to one of the available virtual machines for the next session.

Automatic assignment of a user the first time they access the machine.
  • This property has a default value of true.
  • This property need not be set.
  • This property is required if userAssignment is set to "DEDICATED".

Whether assignment of multiple users to a single machine is allowed. This is only applicable for dedicated pools (except Linked Clone pools) with manual user assignment. If this is true then automaticAssignment should be false.

Since Horizon 7.12
  • This property has a default value of false.
  • This property need not be set.