Data Object - EntitledUserOrGroupGlobalSummaryView

Returned by
EntitledUserOrGroup_GetGlobalSummaryView, EntitledUserOrGroup_GetGlobalSummaryViews
See also
ADUserOrGroupBase, EntitledUserOrGroupGloballyEntitledData, EntitledUserOrGroupUserSessionData, UserOrGroupId
Horizon View 6.0

Data Object Description

Summary view of a globally entitled user or group.

Queryable Data Object

This data object is queryable using QueryService.

Only results associated with at least one Global Entitlement or Global Application Entitlement are returned.
sessionData members are populated when results are returned, not when results are originally created.
globalData.globalEntitlements field only supports the QueryFilterContains filter.
sessionData and all other globalData fields are not allowed members in filters.
base.inFolder,, and base.description are not allowed member in filters.

Query Privileges

Privilege Description
FEDERATED_LDAP_VIEW Global LDAP read is required for this query. The pod federation must also be initialized.

Data Object Properties


Name Type Description

User or group ID of this entity.

Basic active directory data for a user or group, from a global cache.
  • This property cannot be updated.

Global entitlement data.
  • This property cannot be updated.

Data relevant to sessions for this user or group.
  • This property need not be set.
  • This property cannot be updated.