Data Object - VirtualSriovEthernetCardSriovBackingInfo(vim.vm.device.VirtualSriovEthernetCard.SriovBackingInfo)

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Data Object Description

The VirtualSriovEthernetCardSriovBackingInfo data object contains information about the SR-IOV physical function and virtual function backing for a passthrough NIC.


Name Type Description

Physical function backing for this device.

A specific physical function can be assigned to the device by specifying its id but the VirtualSriovNetworkCard can also be configured for automatic physical function assignment by providing a special value "Automatic-0000:00:00.0" as id. This is supported if there is an associated SR-IOV network device pool for the network specified in VirtualSriovEthernetCard#backing - in that case a physical function from the pool, if available, will be assigned to this device during power on. During reconfigure, if an SR-IOV backing is provided, the physical function backing may not be left unset. A value of "Automatic-" followed by a valid physical function id in id indicates that assignment is automatic and the physical function in question is the one that has currently been assigned.


Virtual function backing for this device.

During reconfigure, if this is unset, any currently assigned virtual function will be overwritten and a new one will be selected. If id contains a valid id for a virtual function of the currently assigned physical function, this acts as a hint and, if possible, the specified virtual function will be the one allocated for the device. When a virtual function is yet to be assigned to the device (e.g. if the VM has not been powered on yet), the virtual function backing will be unset.


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