Data Object - VirtualUSBController(vim.vm.device.VirtualUSBController)


Data Object Description

The VirtualUSBController data object describes a virtual USB controller and contains a list of the devices connected to the controller. A virtual machine must have a virtual USB controller before you can add a USB device to the virtual machine configuration. To add a controller, include a VirtualUSBController object in the VirtualDeviceConfigSpec for your virtual machine configuration. You can add only one controller to a virtual machine. A virtual USB controller supports up to 20 USB device connections on the virtual machine.

The ESX Server host must have the USB controller hardware and modules that support USB 2.0 and USB1.1. You can use a maximum of 15 USB controllers on a host. If your system includes an additional number of controllers with connected devices, the additional devices will not be available to virtual machines on the host.

You must remove all USB devices from a virtual machine before you can remove the USB controller.


Name Type Description

Flag to indicate whether or not the ability to hot plug devices is enabled on this controller.

Flag to indicate whether or not enhanced host controller interface (USB 2.0) is enabled on this controller.

Since VI API 2.5
Properties inherited from VirtualController
busNumber, device
Properties inherited from VirtualDevice
backing, connectable, controllerKey, deviceGroupInfo, deviceInfo, key, numaNode, slotInfo, unitNumber
Properties inherited from DynamicData
*Need not be set
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