SegmentPortState (schema)

Realized state of the segment port on enforcement point

Contains realized state of the segment port. For example: transport node
on which the port is located, discovered and realized address bindings of
the port.
Name Description Type Notes
attachment Segment port attachment state SegmentPortAttachmentState Readonly
discovered_bindings Segment port bindings discovered automatically

Contains the list of address bindings for a segment port that were
automatically dicovered using various snooping methods like ARP, DHCP
array of AddressBindingEntry
duplicate_bindings Duplicate segment port address bindings

If any address binding discovered on the port is also found on
other port on the same segment, then it is included in
the duplicate bindings list along with the ID of the port with
which it conflicts.
array of DuplicateAddressBindingEntry
realized_bindings Realized segment port bindings

List of segment port bindings that are realized. This list may be
populated from the discovered bindings or manual user specified bindings.
This binding configuration can be used by features such as firewall,
spoof-guard, traceflow etc.
array of AddressBindingEntry
transport_node_ids Identifiers of the transport nodes where the port is located array of string