Data Object - PbmPlacementCompatibilityResult(pbm.placement.CompatibilityResult)

Returned by
PbmCheckCompatibility, PbmCheckCompatibilityWithSpec, PbmCheckRequirements
See also
LocalizedMethodFault, PbmPlacementHub, PbmPlacementMatchingResources, PbmPlacementResourceUtilization

Data Object Description

The PbmPlacementCompatibilityResult data object contains the compatibility result of a placement request.


Name Type Description

Array of faults that prevent this datastore or storage pod from being compatible with the specified profile, including if no host connected to this hub is compatible.

How many objects of the kind requested can be provisioned on this hub.

Since 6.5

The Datastore or StoragePod under consideration as a location for virtual machine files.

Resources that match the policy. If populated, signifies that there are specific resources that match the policy for hub. If null, signifies that all resources (for example, hosts connected to the datastore or storage pod) are compatible.

Since 6.5

This field is not populated if there is no size in the query, i.e. if the request carries only policy and no size requirements, this will not be populated.

Since 6.5

Array of faults that describe issues that may affect profile compatibility. Users should consider these issues before using this Datastore or StoragePod and a connected Hosts.
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