Data Object - PbmCapabilityProfile(pbm.profile.CapabilityBasedProfile)

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Data Object Description

The PbmCapabilityProfile data object defines capability-based profiles. A capability-based profile is derived from tag-based storage capabilities or from vSAN storage capabilities.


Name Type Description

Subprofiles that describe storage requirements or storage provider capabilities, depending on the profile category (REQUIREMENT or RESOURCE).

Generation ID is used to communicate the current version of the profile to VASA providers. It is only applicable to REQUIREMENT profile types. Every time a requirement profile is edited, the Server will increment the generationId. You do not need to set the generationID. When an object is created (or reconfigured), the Server will send the requirement profile content, profile ID and the generationID to VASA provider.
isDefaultxsd:booleanDeprecated. since it is not supported.

Not supported in this release.

This property is set only for data service policy. Indicates the line of service PbmLineOfServiceInfoLineOfServiceEnum of the data service policy.

Since 6.5

Indicates whether the profile is requirement profile, a resource profile or a data service profile. The profileCategory is a string value that corresponds to one of the PbmProfileCategoryEnum values.
  • REQUIREMENT profile - Defines the storage constraints applied to virtual machine placement. Requirements are defined by the user and can be associated with virtual machines and virtual disks. During provisioning, you can use a requirements profile for compliance and placement checking to support selection and configuration of resources.

  • RESOURCE profile - Specifies system-defined storage capabilities. You cannot modify a resource profile. You cannot associate a resource profile with vSphere entities, use it during provisioning, or target entities for resource selection or configuration. This type of profile gives the user visibility into the capabilities supported by the storage provider.
  • DATA_SERVICE_POLICY - Indicates a data service policy that can be embedded into another storage policy. Policies of this type can't be assigned to Virtual Machines or Virtual Disks. This policy cannot be used for compliance checking.

  • resourceTypePbmProfileResourceType

    Type of the target resource to which the capability information applies. A fixed enum that defines resource types for which capabilities can be defined see PbmProfileResourceType, PbmProfileResourceTypeEnum

    Indicates the type of system pre-created default profile. This will be set only for system pre-created default profiles. And this is not set for RESOURCE profiles.

    Since 2.0
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