Data Object - FeatureEVCMode(vim.FeatureEVCMode)

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Data Object Description

The FeatureEVCMode data object describes an Enhanced vMotion Compatibility mode for VMFeature. An Feature EVC mode is associated with a set of features. This object is modeled after EVCMode, which is more CPU-centric. Members that are specific to CPU are removed in favor of VMFeature EVC properties. For more information about EVC interaction, see EVCMode.

The inherited key property is a string value that uniquely identifies an EVC mode. The vCenter Server assigns the key value; the vSphere API uses the key to identify modes in summary and information objects, for example:

The inherited label and summary properties are human-readable strings.


Name Type Description

Describes the feature capability baseline associated with the EVC mode. On the cluster where a particular EVC mode is configured, these features capabilities are guaranteed, either because the host hardware naturally matches those features or because feature masks are used to mask out differences and enforce a match.

The masks (modifications to a host's feature capabilities) that limit a host's capabilities to that of the EVC mode baseline.

The conditions that must be true of a host's feature capabilities in order for the host to meet the minimum requirements of the EVC mode baseline.
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