Data Object - PbmCapabilityPropertyInstance(pbm.capability.PropertyInstance)

Property of
PbmCapabilityConstraintInstance, PbmCapabilityProfilePropertyMismatchFault, PbmPropertyMismatchFault

Data Object Description

The PbmCapabilityPropertyInstance data object describes a virtual machine storage requirement. A storage requirement is based on the storage capability described in the PbmCapabilityPropertyMetadata and in the datastore profile property instance.


Name Type Description

Requirement property identifier. This identifier corresponds to the storage capability metadata identifier (

Operator for the values. Currently only support NOT operator for tag namespace See operator definition in (PbmCapabilityOperator).

Since 6.5

Property value. You must specify the value. A property value is one value or a collection of values.

The datatype of each value must be one of the PbmBuiltinType datatypes. If the property consists of a collection of values, the interpretation of those values is determined by the PbmCapabilityGenericTypeInfo.

Type information for a property instance is described in the property metadata (PbmCapabilityPropertyMetadata.type).

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