Data Object - PbmCapabilityPropertyMetadata(pbm.capability.PropertyMetadata)

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PbmCapabilityTypeInfo, PbmExtendedElementDescription

Data Object Description

The PbmCapabilityPropertyMetadata data object describes storage capability. An instance of property metadata may apply to many property instances (PbmCapabilityPropertyInstance).


Name Type Description

All legal values that the property may take on, across all implementations of the property. This definition of legal values is not determined by any particular resource configuration; rather it is inherent to the definition of the property. If undefined, then any value of the correct type is legal. This object must be a generic container for the type defined for the property; see PbmBuiltinGenericType for the supported generic container types.

Default value, if any, that the property will assume when not constrained by requirements. This object must be of the type defined for the property.

Property identifier. Should be unique within the definition of the capability. Property instances refer to this identifier (

Indicates whether incorporating given capability is mandatory during creation of profile.

A hint for data-driven systems that assist in authoring requirements constraints. Acceptable values defined by PbmBuiltinGenericType. A property will typically only have constraints of a given type in requirement profiles, even if it is likely to use constraints of different types across capability profiles. This value, if specified, specifies the expected kind of constraint used in requirement profiles. Considerations for using this information:
  • This is only a hint; any properly formed constraint (see value) is still valid for a requirement profile.
  • If VMW_SET is hinted, then a single value matching the property metadata type is also an expected form of constraint, as the latter is an allowed convenience for expressing a single-member set.
  • If this hint is not specified, then the authoring system may default to a form of constraint determined by its own criteria.


Property name and description.
  • The summary.label property (label) contains property 'name' in server locale.
  • The summary.summary property (summary) contains property 'description' in server locale.
  • The summary.messageCatalogKeyPrefix property (messageCatalogKeyPrefix) contains unique prefix for this property within given message catalog. Prefix format: <capability_unique_identifier>.<property_id> capability_unique_identifier -- string representation of PbmCapabilityMetadataUniqueId which globally identifies given capability metadata definition uniquely. property_id -- 'id' of this property id Eg


Type information for the capability. The type of a property value (PbmCapabilityPropertyInstance.value) is specified as a builtin datatype and may also specify the interpretation of a collection of values of that datatype.
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