Data Object - PbmRollupComplianceResult(pbm.compliance.RollupComplianceResult)

Returned by
PbmCheckRollupCompliance, PbmFetchRollupComplianceResult
See also
LocalizedMethodFault, PbmComplianceResult, PbmServerObjectRef

Data Object Description

The PbmRollupComplianceResult data object identifies the virtual machine for which rollup compliance was checked, and it contains the overall status and a list of compliance result objects.


Name Type Description

Virtual machine for which the rollup compliance was checked.

This property is set if the overall compliance task fails with some error. This property indicates the causes of error. If there are multiple failures, it stores these failure in this array.

Since 6.5

Indicates the earliest time that compliance was checked for any of the entities in the rollup compliance check. The compliance check time for a single entity is represented in the PbmComplianceResult.checkTime property. If the checkTime property is unset for any of the objects in the results array, the oldestCheckTime property will be unset.

Overall compliance status of the virtual machine and its virtual disks. overallComplianceStatus is a string value that corresponds to one of the PbmComplianceResult.complianceStatus values.

The overall compliance status is determined by the following rules, applied in the order listed:

  • If all the entities are compliant, the overall status is compliant.
  • Else if any entity's status is outOfDate, the overall status is outOfDate.
  • Else if any entity's status is nonCompliant, the overall status is nonCompliant.
  • Else if any entity's status is unknown, the overall status is unknown.
  • Else if any entity's status is notApplicable, the overall status is notApplicable.


Overall compliance task status of the virtual machine and its virtual disks. overallComplianceTaskStatus is a string value that corresponds to one of the PbmComplianceResult. complianceTaskStatus values.

Since 6.5
profileMismatchxsd:booleanDeprecated. As of vSphere 2016, use overallComplianceStatus to know if profile mismatch has occurred. If overallComplianceStatus value is outOfDate, it means profileMismatch has occurred.

True if and only if PbmComplianceResult. mismatch is true for at least one entity in the rollup compliance check.

Individual compliance results that make up the rollup.
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