Data Object - PbmComplianceResult(pbm.compliance.ComplianceResult)

Property of
Returned by
PbmCheckCompliance, PbmFetchComplianceResult
See also
LocalizedMethodFault, PbmComplianceOperationalStatus, PbmCompliancePolicyStatus, PbmExtendedElementDescription, PbmProfileId, PbmServerObjectRef

Data Object Description

The PbmComplianceResult data object describes the results of profile compliance checking for a virtual machine or virtual disk.


Name Type Description

Time when the compliance was checked.

Status of the compliance operation. complianceStatus is a string value that corresponds to one of the PbmComplianceStatus values.

When you perform compliance checking on an entity whose associated profile contains more than one subprofile ( PbmCapabilityProfile . constraints), a compliant result for any one of the subprofiles will produce a compliant result for the operation.


Status of the current running compliance operation. If there is no compliance check operation triggered, this indicates the last compliance task status. complianceTaskStatus is a string value that corresponds to one of the PbmComplianceResultComplianceTaskStatus values.

Since 6.5

Virtual machine or virtual disk for which compliance was checked.

This property is set if the compliance task fails with errors. There can be more than one error since a policy containing multiple blobs can return multiple failures, one for each blob.

Since 6.5

Informational localized messages provided by the VASA provider in addition to the violatedPolicy.

Since 6.5
mismatchxsd:booleanDeprecated. As of vSphere 2016, use PbmComplianceStatus to know if a mismatch has occurred. If complianceStatus value is outOfDate, mismatch has occurred.

Set to true if there is a profile version mismatch between the Storage Profile Server and the storage provider. If you receive a result that indicates a mismatch, you must use the vSphere API to update the profile associated with the virtual machine or virtual disk.

Additional information on the effects of backend resources and operations on the storage object.

Requirement profile with which the compliance was checked.

Values for capabilities that are known to be non-compliant with the specified constraints.
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