Data Object - PbmCapabilityProfileCreateSpec(pbm.profile.CapabilityBasedProfileCreateSpec)

Parameter to
PbmCheckCompatibilityWithSpec, PbmCreate, PbmQueryMatchingHubWithSpec
See also
PbmCapabilityConstraints, PbmProfileResourceType

Data Object Description

The PbmCapabilityProfileCreateSpec describes storage requirements. Use this data object to create a PbmCapabilityProfile.


Name Type Description

Category specifies the type of policy to be created. This can be REQUIREMENT from PbmProfileCategoryEnum or null when creating a storage policy. And it can be DATA_SERVICE_POLICY from PbmProfileCategoryEnum when creating a data service policy. RESOURCE from PbmProfileCategoryEnum is not allowed as resource profile is created by the system.

Since 6.5

Set of subprofiles that define the storage requirements. A subprofile corresponds to a rule set in the vSphere Web Client.

Text description associated with the profile.

Name of the capability based profile to be created. The maximum length of the name is 80 characters.
resourceTypePbmProfileResourceTypeDeprecated. as of vSphere API 6.5

Specifies the type of resource to which the profile applies. The only legal value is STORAGE - deprecated.
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